Fall Activities

Monday, September 4, 2017

It's been a HOT few weeks here.  And our little home doesn't have air conditioning, so it's an understatement when I say that I am excited for fall!  I love wearing layers, and even though it gets rainy here I don't even mind it.

Fall is absolutely my favorite season.  Although we don't get mountains flooded with color like my home state, Utah, I still so look forward to walks in the cooler weather, the kids running through leaves on our tree-lined street, and our traditional fall activities like picking pumpkins.

Fall feels "official" with some baking for me.  I bought pumpkin purse last week in anticipation of making these muffins.  And the soups!  I love a good soup.

You can look forward to me sharing a bunch of recipes that I've been working on (like this fresh tomato soup above), now that my nausea is almmmmmmmmost gone--I'm in Martha-Stewart mode.  My Instant Pot and I are best friends.

Oh, and I almost forgot--fall decorating!  It's so fun for me to bring in some warmth in to my decor, both inside and outside.

Other ladies are sharing their favorite fall activities!  Check them out below and you can sign up to participate on Kiana or Madeline's blogs.

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