Ralphie Jacobs: Rediscovering Hope in Parenting through the Growth Mindset

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"What it means “to grow” is to practice something—one thing really deliberately—and do it over and over again.  And then when you make a mistake, you look back and you close that loop really quickly by recognizing what went well and what didn’t go well, and then you practice it again."

Ralphie Jacobs admits that she was born with an innate love for children and a natural gift of caring for them.  But even she was surprised as a young mom by how easily her well-informed, highly educated patience could "vanish."

Recognizing this capacity in herself, Ralphie decided to deliberately change how she was parenting, to grow her skill set as a mother just as she would with any other talent, skill, or expertise that requires growth and practice.  Now, Ralphie is a parenting expert who passes on the incredible (and I'd say LIFE-CHANGING) things she has learned over the years about how to grow purposefully within your job as a parent.  And she makes it clear: the answers are actually quite simple.

Ralphie shares how she became a parenting expert, what it looks like to use the growth mindset as a parent, how to increase your knowledge of what's out there BUT also rely on your instinct, how to reinforce good behavior in your children as a way to rid them of the "junk behavior," and what is the number one thing she wants every parent to know.

Ralphie has a special message for you parents who are reallllly in the trenches with parenting, for one reason or another.  You will leave this podcast armed with tools--yes--but, even better, with hope.

For your use, here are the four main jobs as a parent that I took away from my discussion with Ralphie:

1) Teaching
2) Modeling Happiness
3) Being Purposeful Through Reflection and Redirection
4) Looking for the Good in Your Children

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Show Notes:
Ralphie's Instagram, Facebook, and Resources
Books Recommended: No Drama Discipline, Simplicity Parenting, Boundaries, Parenting with Love and Logic, and books by Dr. Glenn Latham
Referenced podcast interview with Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife
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  1. When you ignore your children's bad behavior do you let them know you are ignoring it bc it's not appropriate behavior or do you just straight up ignore.

    1. I believe it depends on the behavior. If it's "junk behavior," meaning it's annoying but inconsequential, then you outright ignore it. If it's consequential (violent, bad words, against family/house rules), then I believe it involves TEACHING and redirection. But alongside that, as much focus on the good as you can do. This particular episode wasn't fully devoted to this topic, but Ralphie talks a lot more about the different ways to do this--as well as when and how--on her feed, as well as her facebook videos.

  2. You shouldn't ignore a bad behavior because that won't make it go away. Let them know what they should do to make a better choice. Redirect them!

    1. Yep, teaching correct behavior and redirection are HUGE for Ralphie. Please see my above comment for another person, as I think it applies here. She's not for letting your kids get away with murder, luckily :)


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