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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Friends!  I have something so wonderful to tell you about.

Stephanie Webb from Eat Happy Nutrition should be a familiar face to you--or rather have a familiar voice...  She's been on two podcasts with me, the latest is here where she's my expert on healing your relationship with food, and the first is here where I highlighted her at the end of the episode (and she was so great, I had to have her back).

Stephanie is the host of the most AMAZING and FREE upcoming online conference for moms who need a little something in their lives to motivate them, inspire them, and encourage them.  Don't expect to be guilted with this conference--it's nothing like that.  Instead, imagine a group of 27 of your favorite gal-pals who talk to you about things they are passionate about AND good at: fitness, style, self-esteem, mindfulness, and more.  That's what Stephanie has compiled here.

From September 25-29th, there will be 5--6 interviews shared each day and they are free for 24 hours.  After that, you can access the interviews and ALL the amazing bonuses for LIFE by getting the All-Access Pass, which is being offered for $67 up until the summit start and then the price will increase.  (Just a note: if you get the pass, you'll receive your full access the day after the summit ends, September 30th.  Yay!)  However, remember while the summit is actually airing it is FREE.

If you want to know more, I'd check out the very easy-to-follow page that Stephanie has set up here. You can not only reserve your FREE ticket there (it's very, very easy to sign up!), but you can find a list of the women who are apart of this summit, what they are talking about, and when.  Stephanie also shares more about the bonus material that comes with the All-Access Pass as well as FAQs.

Once you see that list of women, you'll wonder why I was asked.  Me, too!  Stephanie wanted me to speak about my mission to encourage using technology and social media for good in our lives, and how to weed out our habitual-to-addicted use of it.  My class is entitled, "Managing Social Media to be a Positive Tool," and it's live and free for 24 hours on September 29th.

This is a different medium for me--you'll actually see my face and all my wild expressions!  Recording was equal parts fun and intimidating, but I've seen the interview that you will, and I didn't cry.  I kid!  I was actually thrilled with it and can't wait for you to take part in it.

Sign up for your free ticket and get your All-Access Pass here before the cost goes up!  I'd love to hear if you'll be "attending!"  Comment below or reach out to me.


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