Heather Jenson: Achieving Big Goals in Small Ways

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

“I’m not a professional athlete.  I don’t do this to win money and races.  I do this to enhance my life and it brings me joy, along with my family . . .   As long as I'm putting them first and taking care of them, everything else usually falls into place.”

Heather Jenson says this to describe how she views her "little" hobby as a triathlete.  This sport can suck people into perfectionism, obsession, and the comparison trap.  But Heather has learned how to resist the negative side of her passion and embrace it for the goodness it brings to her life and to her family.

Heather shares how her love of racing (she started as a swimmer!) increased after dealing with a terrible bout of postpartum depression, that having big and then bigger goals to aspire to helped her regain what she thought she had lost within herself.  She is so honest about how hard training can be, but how breaking up a huge goal into small pieces has helped her achieve big dreams.

A favorite example she shared: Her first half-marathon was 10 years ago at 24 years ago and her time was 2:14.  He latest half time was 1:36.  And yet, Heather is insistent that running is her hardest sport and what incredible lengths she has gone to to improve.  She is also just as insistent that if she can become an Ironman, so can you.

So even if it's not you seeking to race in Kona like her, Heather inspires us to reach within ourselves, find some passions, and let them guide us to becoming better people inside and out.

Heather will have an entire episode devoted to her on the show, "Quest for Kona" on @NBCsports next Wednesday, 10/25.  Check your local listings for times!  Here's some more information on the show: here and here.

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