Janssen Bradshaw: Propelling Yourself to Greater Opportunities

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"Fear is not a good reason to not do something.  What is the worst that could happen? . . . If I can live with that worst case scenario, then I’m going to do it and stop worrying about failure."

Janssen Bradshaw of Everyday Reading didn't think she was "creative" or "entrepreneurial."  And yet, those two words completely encapsulate who she is now as the producer of a successful blog and a co-creator (alongside her husband) of a brand new business--children's rain boots!

Janssen shares how starting one thing propelled her into another, and how even the failures she faced led to more opportunities anyway. Refusing to live based off of "what ifs" and fears has led to a series of Janssen trying new things bit by bit, and doing so has trickled down into all areas of her life.  Janssen has learned that you can't just let life pass you by and not try things out of fear of failure or how hard it might be; because time passes anyway, and you'll only be left with regret and "what ifs."

Janssen talks about what it is really like to be a successful blogger, how she is able to stay authentic and resist posting only for , why reading matters for her and her family, and her essential--and SIMPLE--was she survives the everyday chaos of raising a family and a business.

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