Paul Cardall: Rising From a Broken Heart

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

“I think the reason we all suffer is because it makes us stronger—it’s a strength, it’s a gift in a way . . . I could not write the music that I write had I not gone through hard things.” 

Paul Cardall knows a thing or two about suffering and turning that suffering into a gift.  He was born with half a heart and experienced poor health throughout his childhood and well into his adulthood.  In 2009, he underwent a full heart transplant that gave him a miraculous new way of living.  And yet, it was after his transplant that Paul faced the darkest period of his life: guilt, depression, the ending of his marriage, and more.

But Paul used his pain to create masterpieces that helped him rise above, music that has gone on to transform millions of lives across the world.  Yes, millions.

Listen to this interview to hear about how this is the case for Paul, how and why he started playing the piano as a late-teen, what the creative process is like for him, and how he believes wholeheartedly that our trials can transform our lives for good and make us stronger.  Paul believes that his love of forming connections through his music could not have been as fully achieved had it not been for his suffering.  He inspires us to rise through our own trials too, and to believe that there is so much goodness on the other side.

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Show Notes:
Paul's Website, Instagram, and Facebook
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Paul's Production Company, Stone Angel Music
Song Played: "Gracie's Theme"
Paul and Tina's Interview on the LifeBeats Project!
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Song Credit: "Sweet Promise" and "Tonight" by Nicolai Heidlas


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