Lisa Funk: Developing Our Creativity, and Using it as a Tool to Fight Depression

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"I meet a ton of people who say, ‘Oh I can’t do that, I'm not creative . . .'  Maybe they will never find that painting or drawing fulfills them, but they ARE creative in the way that they solve problems, or put things together, or organize . . . We can think about creativity differently in that we are created to create.” 

For Lisa Funk, lettering (also know as calligraphy) isn't just about creating beautiful text--it's about purposefully living a life she loves.  Lisa found that by honing her craft and mastering inspirational messages, she was able to better face her inner mental health battles.  Lettering changed Lisa's life!  Once she started sharing her gift, she was surprised how people didn't just want to know where they could buy her artwork, they wanted to learn how to do it themselves.  That's how Lisa became an accidental businesswoman, and one steeped in the goal in improving lives, one letter at a time.

Lisa discusses how creativity is innate in all of us and how learning to work hard to develop our gifts can change us as people.  She shares more in depth about how her own struggles with depression and more have taught her the importance of self-care and mindfulness, and that an essential piece of facing our demons is growing our gifts.  Finally, Lisa teaches us how we can find our own intentions in life and live them more purposefully.

Lisa's new book, The Guide to Mindful Lettering, combines instruction on brush lettering as well as how to approach learning this craft in a mindful, meaningful way.  On top of the instruction are 50 affirmations to "trace, ponder, and apply."   Lisa's hope is that this book, "can be the creative outlet so many women are looking for and at the same time help them to live an intentional life they love!"  You can find The Guide to Mindful Lettering here

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  1. Really great interview! I recently took a lettering class by Lisa which was wonderful. I also appreciated Monica's interview style: engaging but with succinct questions that allowed her guest to share fully. Well done both of you! It was a great way to start my day.


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