Dina Alexander: Inspiring Positive Body Image for Kids In a Social Media Age

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

“If we get so caught up in how we look, how our friends look, if we look good enough, we are missing the richness of life.”

Dina Alexander is back to teach us how to combat the perfect images social media projects for the children in our lives.  BOTH boys and girls are constantly infiltrated with pictures and ideas about what their bodies are supposed to be like, and how they can get them.  Listen in to this conversation to learn how to create an open communication in your home where these tough topics can be fully explored.  Equip yourself with ways to arm your children the knowledge and self-respect necessary to own a confident, grounded view of themselves and their bodies.

Dina Alexander is the founder and president of Educate and Empower Kids (educateempowerkids.org), an organization determined to strengthen families by teaching digital citizenship, media literacy, and healthy sexuality education—including education about the dangers of online porn. She is the creator of Noah’s New Phone: A Story About Using Technology for Good, Messages About Me: A Journey to Healthy Body Image, How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography and the 30 Days of Sex Talks and 30 Days to a Stronger Child programs. She received her master’s degree in recreation therapy from the University of Utah and her bachelors from Brigham Young University. She is an amazing mom and loves spending time with her husband and three kids. Together, they live in Texas.

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Show Notes
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