Nesha Woodhouse: Developing Our Gifts to Improve Ourselves and Bless Others

Thursday, February 8, 2018

"I don't think that 'acceptance' is an excuse to diminish yourself or to not hold yourself accountable to your best work . . . We should develop and expand and grow in whatever we feel called to do."

Nesha Woodhouse is the director of Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy and came from a intensive background in honing one of her beloved gifts--dance.  But Nesha learned in her own life--and now passes on to her students--that mastery of our gifts can only truly flourish if our motivation is to bless the lives of others and ourselves.  This is in contrast to being driven by competitiveness, comparison, or approval-seeking.

So many preach acceptance of self.  While this is paramount to overcoming the challenges life throws at us, our souls also crave GROWTH.  Nesha speaks on this important balance of seeking mastery of our gifts while also being driven by the right reasons--to more fully reach our own individual potential and bless the lives of others.

Now as the director of hundreds of youth pursuing greatness, Nesha strives to help the develop this truth within themselves and to in turn share their gifts with the world.

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