Getting Past the Comparison Trap || How Focusing on What We Lack Strips Us of Joy, and What We Can Do About It

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Do you know that using social media directly correlates with higher rates of depression and anxiety?  I believe the root of why this is the case is COMPARISON.  After all, comparison truly is the thief of joy.

I hate imagining how many times in my life (both on social media and in real life) I've been too caught up in seeing what I lack in comparison to others, only to miss the incredible blessings right in front of me.  I'm sure the number is countless.

I know that comparison is the root of my history of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, shame, worry, etc.  Related to that are my flaws: I can be a people pleaser, I want people to like me, and I often look to others to reflect back my worth.

BUT, I also believe that discovering this tendency in myself to compare has been a huge blessing.  It's something I can actually work on and move past towards a richer, fuller life.  Overcoming the comparison trap is a lesson I've had to learn over and over again, because it's sneaky and masks itself as other things (examples: stress, anxiety, apathy, sadness, etc.).

Today's podcast episode is all about comparison.  I talk about how it crept up on me the past few months and directly influenced my confidence and my productivity, and how I almost quit everything podcast-related because of it.  I also share what the comparison trap can look like for all of us, including how easy it is to get caught in it through social media, and teach WHAT we can do to shift our mindset away from comparison towards self-assurance.

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  1. This episode was exactly what I needed. I recently discovered you, and I cannot wait to listen to more episodes! Thank you!


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