How Embracing "The Mess" Leads to More Creativity || with Cori Connors

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

“There are all sorts of ways for us to make a nice big mess and come out with something glorious in the end.”

I knew Cori Connors growing up as the "Mom" of the neighborhood--the one always ready to laugh with instead of scold you, eager to cheer you on, and willing to sit with you when you're down.

She is an angel to many, and she also has an angel voice backed by her record-selling songwriting abilities.

Cori talks about how creativity cannot flourish while in the restraints of perfectionism; that in order to really get to the meat of who we are and the gifts we have, we need to get comfortable with being messy.

Cori shares how we can better discover our talents and offer our own weirdness to the world with a bold confidence, one centered in love, curiosity, and imperfection.  That's what Cori does, and she can tell you the truth--life is better messy.


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Show Notes
Cori's website, blog, Instagram, and Facebook
Cori's Songs Played on the podcast: "Pontiac Rocket," "Memoria," "Broken"
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Song Credit: "Sweet Promise" and "Tonight" by Nicolai Heidlas


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