Discovering Meaning Amidst Sadness || with Meg Fee, author of the memoir Places I Stopped on the Way Home

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

 "If I try to stamp [sadness] out, then I'm cutting myself off from happiness in many ways because it's part of the spectrum. The two things are not inseparable.  You cannot have one without the other."

I'm sure many of us can agree that our 20s were equal parts traumatizing and memorable.  Meg Fee's writing has allowed thousands along the ride to her won experience of this transformative decade.  Meg freely and beautifully shared her struggles to overcome deep sadness due to "Ned" (her Nasty Eating Disorder), amazing first dates, frustrating bad boyfriends, and terrible jobs, all with the backdrop of New York City.

Listen to this episode to hear more about what Meg lost to and what she gained from sadness, how language and writing were always apart of her story, what she does to move forward without regret, and how life's many curves can take us to a place far more meaningful than we ever could have forged on our own.  Meg teaches how we can better couple with the sadness that is often our lot in life and that by doing so, we create more room for happiness, too.

Meg also shares some insight behind her new buzz-worthy memoir, Places I Stopped on the Way Home.  It's a page-turner!  Check the show notes below for more links, as well as how to stream the episode right here in your browser.

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"Place I Stopped on the Way Home" 
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