Stepping Into Your Power by Building a Resilient Body Image || with Dr. Lindsay Kite of Beauty Redefined

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

“When you think of your body in terms of what it can do and how you feel in it, instead of just how it looks, you open up this whole new world.”

The past few years, there has been some shifts in how society (and by extension, advertising) is labeling "beautiful."  But Doctors Lindsay and Lexie Kite of Beauty Redefined think that we can do even better.

This is because even by broadening the definition of "beauty," we are still telling women that they are defined by their beauty.

Lindsay and Lexie have researched the effect this thinking has on women and their lives, and they know what it takes to change it.  The fact is that women ARE being held back by being objectified (including self-objectification), and that when they step into their own power and build BODY IMAGE RESILIENCE, their potential is limitless.

Listen in to hear why this is the case and how we can empower ourselves by building this body image resilience.   (Plus they have a tried-and-true course on this, and they've kindly given us the code APBR30 for $30 off!!!!!)


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Show Notes:
Beauty Redefined Website, Instagram, and Course (use code APBR30 for $30 off!!)
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