Giving Yourself Permission to Fail || with Beth Allen

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

  "If I hadn’t made the bad paintings, then I wouldn’t have made the good paintings either.”

I have three of Beth Allen's prints hanging on the walls of my home.  I want about 100 more, and some of the "real thing," too.  

Beth amazed me during our chat not just because of this artistry she has never known life without, but because of how she has worked so hard to hone her craft, given it permission to take all sorts of forms and genres, and allowed it to teach her that she simply can't be too hard on herself.

Because Beth learned through years of fighting an eating disorder that smothered her creativity, that you have to be willing to allow room for imperfections to create masterpieces.

Listen in to hear how Beth has cultivated her gift, how she navigates keeping her own character in her work while still satisfying others, what she learned the hard way from being a perfectionist, and what self-care looks like for her and its essential place in encouraging her artistry to flourish.


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