What to Prioritize in Your Marriage || with Becky Squire

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's sad how easy it is to let our marriages slip into a place of neglect.  But this needn't be if we just better prioritize our relationship and our spouse's needs!

Becky Squire is here to discuss what the research shows about how putting your marriage first benefits your children and what husbands and wives need more of from each other.   While the actual practice of these concepts will look different for each family, better prioritizing the most important relationship in the family will bless everyone.

Show Notes
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  1. I love this episode! I do wish she might change the language from “be attractive” to “make an effort in your physical appearance” or something along those lines. The point wasn’t missed on me though!

    1. I get it! We did try to explain that in more applicable, up-to-date ways. The research was worded so 50's, right?


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