Practicing the Mindset You Want || with Camille Andros

Friday, August 3, 2018

Camille Andros is used to juggling a lot of balls.  As an author and mother of six, she often battles having a lot of important priorities and all at the same time.  Not just in spite of this, but because of it, Camille has learned that in order to be "all in" and present with the task at hand, you have to practice the mindset of intentionality.  Creating this mindset shift has enabled Camille to be a better author, mother, and work on her own self-development.

Listen to learn how this is the case for Camille, as well as how she learned the importance of knowing her own "why" in all areas of her life, and about her new book The Dress and the Girl and its timely release during this important historical moment of immigration crises.

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Show Notes:
Camille's Instagram, Website, and BOOKS: HERE (The Dress and the Girl) and HERE (Charlotte the Scientist is Squished)!
Camille's first interview on the podcast
Referenced episode with Preston Pugmire and his free Facebook group
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