Creating a Morning Routine that Works || with Chanelle Neilson of the Moms Who Know Podcast

Thursday, September 6, 2018

If you're not naturally a morning person (Monica is a member of that club!), you know the viscous cycle of going to bed too late and never starting your day off on the right foot.  

But there is hope for us snooze queens!  Establishing a morning routine that works for YOU can be done in a very manageable, doable way.  You have to ditch the all-or-nothing thinking and start smaller than you think you should.  But in time, you'll be able to add to it and start your day off before your to-do list comes calling.  And the effects will truly change your life!!

Chanelle Neilson is here to share how she created a morning routine for herself one small step at a time, why it has changed so much about her productivity and happiness, and how you can do this, too.  

Chanelle's greatest advice? Start where you are, and start with what you need.  So don't fear.  This episode is not only helpful, but hopeful.

Monica is currently hosting a Wake-Up Early Challenge on Instagram!  And Chanelle has a free resource for you on how to get the hang of establishing your morning routine

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  1. I have been listening to every episode, and some multiple times! I adore this podcast and hope things are going so well!


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