30 Before 30

Below is my 30 Before 30 Bucket List.  Here's the post where I originally explain it.  I've been pretty flexible with it, switching goals or full-on replacing them.  But for the most part, I've stuck with my original list!  Completed lists are at the bottom.

1) Read 30 Books: 1) Fault in Our Stars; 2) One more Thing; 3) Finding Audrey; 4) Girl on a Train; 5) What Alice Forgot; 6) Why is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me; 7) My Story; 8) This is a Story of a Marriage; 9) Gone Girl; 10) Stories On My Way Home; 11) Yes, Please; 12) The Highly Sensitive Child; 13) Brooklyn (book-on-tape); 14) Boston Girl (book-on-tape); 15) Goldfinch (book-on-tape); 16) Winnie the Pooh (with my kids in the car, another book-on-tape); 17) Peter Pan (another car one, with my kids--I'm getting desperate!); 18) Still Alice; 19) Why Not Me; 20) The Book Thief; 21) Big Magic; 22) Committed; 23) August Summer; 24) The Ghost of Eternal Polygamy; 25) I need to remind myself, but I know I read two I can't recall; Currently reading: Faith Crisis. (I started so many books that I have yet to finish, including the Tidying one (ugh, not the biggest fan--sorry!), Elizabeth Gilbert's latest novel (had to stop), and some parenting books, among others).

2) Finish Three Online Classes: I've signed up for four classes: photography, illustrator, and beginning/intermediate sewing.... That's it.  I'm thinking this is going to turn into a 2016 goal. (Finished one sewing class!)

3) Make a Dress: This should coincide with the sewing class I bought.  #Weekend Goals.

4) Try Five New Ice Cream Shops: 1) Smitten, in Lafayette--it was incredible; Failing miserably with this one...

5) Make a Photo Album: Soooooo many pictures on our computer; none properly documented for our family.  My goal is to do one year at a time, starting with 2015. (HAVE NOT STARTED!)

6) Discover Our State!  Family Trip to a New Place (for us!) in CA: Thinking Big Sur... (We had plans to do that, but forgot Brad is running a half that weekend.)

7) Learn How to Watercolor (Bought some supplies--that's the first step, right?!)

--completed goals--

8) 30 Dates with Brad: 1) Phantom of the Opera; 2) Parent night at the preschool; 3) Barnes and Noble; 4) Mexican food and back to the future; 5) Sushi; 6) running date and Whole Foods pastries; 7) Rocket Summer concert; 8) Dinner at Twigs; 9) Star Wars; 10) Family date (anniversary) to California Pizza Kitchen and Barnes and Noble; 11) Netflix at home; 12) Netflix at home with ice cream; 13) Local musical review; 14) Temple for sealings; 15) Burma Superstar;  16) Dinner at Mona's; 17) Costco Family dinner (also getting desperate); 18) Saw Independence Day; 19) At-home Netflix and dessert date; 20) Dinner in Orinda and ben and jerry's; 21) Group date to temple and dinner; 22) Family date to Even Stevens; 23) Drive around town date; 24) Concert (Sherwood); 25) Temple and ice cream; 26) Movie; 27) Movie; 28) Anniversary Lunch; 29) Visit to Grandma; 30) La La Land!!!!!!! (I extended this to the end of the year.)

9) Go to the LDS Temple 10 Times: 1-Labor Day; 2-December 8th; 3-January 7th; 4-March 15th; 5-April 22nd; 6-May 26th; 7-Sometime in July....; 8) August 27th; (Local temple is closed now...) 9) September (can't remember the exact date); 10) October (can't remember either...)

10) Go to 10 New Restaurants: 1) Slider Bar; 2) El Molina; 3) Oyami Sushi; 4) Twigs; 5) Denica's; 6) Black Bear Diner; 7) Burma Superstar; 8) Sparky's Giant Burgers; 9) Piccolo Napoli ; 10) Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade; 11) Even Stevens

11) Ten Family Hikes: 1) Rock City; 2) Redwoods at Santa Cruz; 3) Castle Rock; 4) Brad took RG on one in Mt. Diablo; 5) We went on a local one, but I can't remember where... 6) Lands End; 7) Rock City (I'm still counting it, even if it's our second time); 8) Briones; 9) Boulder Lake; 10) Goose Creek; 11) Secesh;

12) Do Ten New Activities with Kids: 1) trampoline place; 2) Museum of Curiosity in UT; 3) Exploratorium in SF; 4) Discovery Kingdom with family; 5) Saw Christmas Lights in Alameda; 6) Monterey Bay Aquarium; 7) Alcatraz!; 8) Tumbling gym (led to gymnastics lessons); 9) Berkeley Slides and Rose Gardens; 10) Bay Area Discovery Museum!; 11) First time to Disneyland!

13) Take a "Mom Day": I did it!  

14) 10 New Athlete Feats/Adventures/Something New: 1) Barre3 online workouts; 2) Family runs; 3) Rock City as family; 4) New gym and new strength training; 5) Planned a 5K; 6) Podium finish for half marathon; 7) Ballet Class (that led to injuries, so...); 8) Home strength training using a collection of instagrammer's workouts (this is not terribly new, but it is a feat!); 9) Group strength-training class with a personal trainer (they are killer!  Signed up for weekly, now); 10) Barre class with a friend; 11) CLIMBED Mt. Diablo!; 12) Consistent at-home strength training workouts, like Beach Body.

15) Visit Stinson Beach/Other Beach: We did a beach at Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz, but no swimming.

16) Eat at a Nice Restaurant with Brad: My parents let us use a gift card they had to a restaurant while we visited in UT.  Might count that...  Also went to a nice italian place in Orinda.

17) Bike Ride: I cycled up Mt. Diablo with a friend.

18) Make/bake 30 New Things: What I've made so far... 1) peach pie; 2) Tartine's brownies; 3) breakfast casserole; 4) Reese's cheesecake; 5) roast; 6) red enchiladas; 7) balsamic grilled chicken; 8) peanut butter caramel cookie bars; 9)dark chocolate granola bites; 10) pumpkin cookies; 11) granola--recipe with ginger; 12) classic cheesecake; 12) apple caramel pie; 13) breadsticks; 15) peanut butter s'more cake; 16) apple cheesecake bars; 17) dark chocolate ganache Oreo pie; 18) Chocolate peanut butter cake; 19) Yellow cake with chocolate frosting; 20) Granola bars (yes, with chocolate); 21) Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cake; 22) Ben and Jerry's Tonight Dough Cake; 23) Indian Butter Chicken; 24) Soda-marinated chicken (this is actually really, really good); 25) Strawberry Cake; 26) Mexican Quinoa Bowls; 27) Roasted Veggie Grain Bowls; 28) Butterscotch Cake; 29) French Bread Rolls, shaped into hamburger buns; 30) Ultimate S'More Cake

19) Go on a Zip Line OR Go to Amusement Park: We went to Discovery Kingdom over Christmas.

20) Stay at Grand America: This one won't happen, but I am going to count the one that Brad and I stayed in on our overnighter--the Lafayette Hotel.  It was by far the nicest hotel we've stayed in.  

21) Adult Museum Trip with Brad or Whole Family: I went by myself with three friends.  We went to the Oscar de la Renta exhibit at the De Young Museum, in Golden Gate Park. It was such a heavenly day. 

22) Family Day in SF: We just completed this one with my visiting family.  Went to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building, followed by a hike at Land's End (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!); and Nick's Tacos before we went home.  It was SUCH a good day.

23) Start a Blog: !!!!!!! 

24) Go to Alcatraz: Check!  Did this with my family visiting, which made it even funner.

25) Run a New Race: Ran the Walnut Creek Half!

26) Go On an Overnighter with Brad: We made it a staycation and went to a local hotel.  Our first overnighter in 8 years of marriage!

27) Go to a Concert with Brad: We went to Rocket Summer and I seriously had a spiritual experience.  LOVED IT!  First concert I've ever been to that I wasn't ready for it to be over, because I'm a wuss when it comes to standing for long period of time; Also went to Sherwood which was so, so good!!!!

28) Eat Sushi with Brad: Check!  Made that part of our Overnighter.

29) Re-read the Book of Mormon

30) Berkeley Slides with Kids: Check! (We've done it twice, actually.)

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  1. This is my first visit to your blog, as I follow kayto at the beyouty bureau. I was just reading this list and assume you live in the Bay Area? My family and I moved to South Bay Area almost 4 months ago and we are lds. Small world. I'm a recovering perfectionist AND love podcasts, so I'm excited for a new find!


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