Whether you are a recovering perfectionist, a paralyzed dreamer, or a balanced achiever--this podcast is for you!

In this podcast, I interview men and women who are working on achieving goals, improving themselves, and making something special of their lives, all while maintaining a healthy balance.  In short, people who know that life is about progress, not perfection.

Each interviewee has something unique to offer.  What ties them together?  They have all had to overcome major obstacles on their path to success (including many failures), and they learned--at times the hard way--that the pursuit of progress needs to include balance and a whole lot of self-acceptance.  

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You can peruse these podcasts and learn more about them individually HERE.

I know you will find at least one interview that you can relate to and be inspired from.  Enjoy!

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Please click on the photos below to access past episodes.  Don't know where to begin?  Start at the bottom ("Introduction") and work your way up!

Fighting for Children with Special Needs

Illuminating the Possibilities for Growth

Food: How to Use It, Not Abuse It; Part One

Finding Your Mission In Life, Through Life's Twists and Turns

Creating a Happy Life, In Spite of Incurable Disease

Empowering Yourself to Become the Best Version of You

"Goodness:" What It Is and How To Develop It

Fitness: How to Use It, Not Abuse It

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

Valuing Who You Are First, Not What You DO

Embracing a New Life After Divorce

Sometimes You Don't Make the Cut

Navigating Crisis as a Family

Sharing a Light in the Wilderness

Looking for Blessings Despite Chronic Illness

Choosing More Happiness

Fake It 'Til You Make It

Owning Our Struggles

Shifting Thinking Towards Greater Fulfillment

Finding Joy in the Real "You!"

Technology: How to Use It, Not Abuse It

Daring to Try

Being Present in Others' Suffering

Using Self-Love to Rebuild after Great Loss

The Power of Goals

Fighting Mental Illness, Together

Speaking Up Against Stigmas

Reaching for the Stars
Overcoming Shame with Connection

Deliberately Living a Life of Joy

Confronting External Pressures

Pushing for Growth
A Psychotherapist's Take on Perfectionism
Cultivating a Life of Rich Moments

Harnessing the Power of Listening

Moving Toward Unapologetic Self-Acceptance
Pushing Back Against Disordered Eating and Infertility

Do Something Revival

Running Toward Fears While Battling
Postpartum Anxiety

Placing Your Heart in the Work
That Matters Most

Owning Our Gifts and Finding True Strength
Comes From Balance

Reaching For Success While Powering
Through Depression and Anxiety

From Amateur Athlete to IRONMAN,
One Step at a Time

Saying Yes to the Right Dreams at the Right Time

Choosing to Live Joyfully and Productively Amidst
Years of Health Struggles and Infertility


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  1. I would like to nominate my sister, Nesha Woodhouse, to be on your podcast. She is the director of Lifehouse Performance Arts Academy. They have a location in Salem, and Saratoga Springs, Utah. If you go to the website and read the mission statement, it tells you what she's all about. http://www.lifehouseacademy.com Nesha is truly about helping others become the best they can be.


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